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Lockeport Loop


Because of the vast expanses of nature that surround Lockeport, many of the people who live here have a distinctive outdoor culture ingrained in them at a very young age. This is reflected in the amount of green space located within the town limits.

Other areas of the loop are also home to some of the most stunning scenic vistas in the county. The sable river picnic park is one example that is photographed thousands of times each fall.

Seacap's Memorial Park

This large green space occupies an entire block, only meters from the town's shopping district. This central open area often hosts large events throughout the year, with the Harmony Bazaar and the Rock Festival being among them. The Lighthouse StageĀ  officially opened during Sea Derby weekend in 2010, and covered seating area are augmented by the presence of theĀ  nautically themed play park, that provides hours of entertainment for children of all ages.

Some of the park's features include, a lighthouse slide, a wharf with ladders and tire bridges, and a lobster boat picnic area.

Rood's Head Park

Rood's Head Park is a coastal look off that is perched on the southern most point of the isthmus, that forms the town of Lockeport. From the top of the hill, a small path winds down to the rocks, providing not only a fantastic view of the breaking surf, but a breathtaking view of the Crescent Beach.

Depending on the time of year, it is also a great place to view Gull Rock, one of our resident Lighthouses.

The Salt Marsh Boardwalk

The Boardwalk extends along the back of the northern side of the causeway into Lockeport, offering a close up look at the delicate salt marsh ecosystem that has formed in the back harbor.

As part of the town walking tour, the Boardwalk has information signs posted along its length, aswell as a gazebo where visitors can take a seat and enjoy the crisp salt air.

The best time to view the salt marsh is at low tide, tide tables are available at the Crescent Beach Centre. Dawn can also be a good time to view the marsh.


Sable River Picnic Park

Located just seconds off the 103 this is the perfect stopping point on a journey down the south shore, it is one of the gate ways to Lockeport Loop, and its intrinsic beauty is representative of the entire area.

For those wanting to explore a unique river with a unique past this is the perfect launching point. The suspension bridge is a favorite with kids. The quiet and undisturbed river banks are a haven to the local wildlife, with deer, ducks and small turtles being regular sightings nestled among the shoreline.

For the devoted paddlers, heading towards the mouth of the river will eventually bring you to the Atlantic ocean, and a 2 mile long white sand beach known as Louis Head. The beach can be reached by road, but there is something magical about viewing it for the first time from the water.


The Widows Walk facility located on Crest Street offers a view of Lockeport Harbour and Carters Island Lighthouse.

Just a small section of the nautical themed playground found on Seacaps Memorial Park. Better bring a book as the kids never want to leave.

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